NBA LIVE 20: Wishlist

1. PLAY CALLING/COACHING Inbound plays need to be more accessible and not just available after a time out You cannot do anything or much of anything during cut scenes, that time during replays or substitution should allow you to make on the fly coaching changes before the next play goes live ¬†ATO plays should beContinue reading “NBA LIVE 20: Wishlist”

NBA LIVE 19: Player Movement Sliders And Expanded Ratings |Wishlist

Question, would the NBA Live series benefit from having player movement sliders? My answer would be YES. While I believe NBA Live 18 has the best game play of the series (maybe up for debate for some) I believe this game has truly blossomed from what was NBA Live 14 to now. My only issueContinue reading “NBA LIVE 19: Player Movement Sliders And Expanded Ratings |Wishlist”